Creating a Legacy Conference

September 25–29, 2017

Legacy 17 Graphic

Legacy means lasting impact!

Whether by intention or happenstance, we all leave our mark

Webster defines the noun “legacy” two ways. The common use refers to money or property that is left to somebody in a will. This is part of one’s legacy, to be sure. But the second meaning is the one that has captivated our attention. 
The bigger picture asks, “What of significance will be handed down to the next generation?”

Have you asked these questions in a rare moment of quiet reflection?
  • What of my story will be told to those who come after me?
  • How can I impart my values and priorities to my children and grandchildren, and theirs?
  • How can I enable the people who are important to me to know me, understand me, and remember how much I cared for them?
  • How can the lessons I’ve learned through suffering or hard work be redeemed as others draw strength, hope or wisdom from them?
  • How can I reach the next generation (of my family, church or community) using language, methods and mediums that are meaningful to them?
  • Will my spiritual legacy end with me, or will those I invest in speak God’s  truth to those who follow them?

Creating A Legacy is a rich conference experience that invites us to pause and think about how the choices we make today will impact the future for those we love, and to be intentional about living into the unique legacy that is shaped 
by our story.

Whatever your life circumstances, you make an impression on those who witness your life. Your colleagues, children, neighbors, friends, nieces and nephews, students and acquaintances watch and are changed by their relationship with you. Come put some thought into what that legacy is and could be.

Keynote Speakers

Darrell Johnson

Darrel Johnson | Pastor, professor, speaker, author

Darrell Johnson has served as Senior Pastor of a number of Presbyterian churches in California. Darrell has also authored a number of books, including Experiencing the Trinity, Fifty-Seven Words That Change the World, and Discipleship On the Edge. In September 2009 he accepted the call of the historic First Baptist Church in downtown Vancouver where he served as Senior Minister for six years. Since 2015 Darrell has been the Director of the Center for Preaching at Carey Theological Institute. 

Bill Butterworth

Bill Butterworth | Pastor, speaker, author

An incredible communicator and author of over a dozen books, Bill is a highly sought–after speaker across the country. He is also the founder of the Butterworth Communications Institute and one of our most beloved speakers at Mount Hermon family camps. A gifted storyteller, Bill has helped countless people leave their legacy by telling their own story. He has served on the vision committee for this conference since it began and is excited about what he has seen God do in the lives of those who attend.

J.R. Loofbourrow

Conference Host: J.R. Loofbourrow

J.R. is the Vice President of Advancement at Mount Hermon. He has served for more than fifteen years, loving the people who invest in this ministry and keeping them informed about how God uses their generosity to transform lives. Prior to coming to Mount Hermon he worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years. J.R. is a graduate of Westmont College and he and his wife, Laurie, are the parents of three adult sons.